Pain Management Course

Pain Management Course

I have put together some amended excerpts from my PhD thesis into as succinct a piece as possible to explain how hypnosis can help with chronic pain. I hope it is of value to …

Academic Bullying Blog

Academic Bullying

From time to time I receive enquiries about whether hypnosis can help college students who are experiencing academic bullying. The answer is yes…

Moving House Blog

Moving House!

We are moving house! It has been a privilege to develop the business and showcase it on the website & we will now continue on

Sugar and Migraines Blog

Sugar and Migraines

Sugar and Migraines – When blood sugar levels are too low the effects can include fatigue, dizziness & anxiety, when too high this can lead to frequent…

Passion for Sport Blog

Passion for Sport

Every time a client & I discuss our passion for sport my face lights up. ‘Like a beacon guiding someone through stormy waters’ as one client described it…

Media Support Blog

The Irish Times, The Connacht Tribune and Galway Bay FM

When I began my research into hypnosis & migraine it was a challenge to get the message out to people suffering with migraines & tell them about the study.

Hypnosis blog

Hypnosis – What is it all about?

Some people will describe hypnosis as a tool to access the subconscious mind and others see it as a specific state of awareness. A little known fact outside of academic circles is that hypnosis is a clinically proven method of…

Jim Cullum - Let me show you how I Love you

Let Me Show You How I Love You – Book Recommendation

I am excited to recommend a book written by Jim Cullum, a colleague, and someone I am fortunate to call my friend. Jim’s book ‘Let Me Show You How I Love You’ is packed with ideas designed to make relationships…