Success And Failure blog

How Do You View Success And Failure?

Understanding the way we perceive the constructs of success and failure can provide a secret stash of ammunition in business and in sport. If we look closely…

Violence in sport blog

Violence in Sport – Causes and Potential Solutions

With the recent outbursts in Marseille and Lille, France during the European Championships, attention has focused on aggression and violence in sport.

What Muhammad Ali Can Teach Us About Belief Systems blog

What Muhammad Ali Can Teach Us About Belief Systems

“I am the greatest”. The phrase synonymous with Ali may be the first words which came to mind when hearing the news that Ali had died on June 3 2016.

Sports Rituals and Superstitions

The Importance of Sporting Rituals

Sporting rituals & superstitions are as old as time itself. Very often athletes’ don’t quite understand how they attain the frequently quirky habits which..

Passion for Sport Blog

Passion for Sport

Every time a client & I discuss our passion for sport my face lights up. ‘Like a beacon guiding someone through stormy waters’ as one client described it…

sport psychology blog image of golfer

What is Sport Psychology

Many people wonder about sport psychology, what it is, who uses sport psychology and how it can help. Sport psychology can be helpful for professional and recreational athletes who would like to improve…