Building your organisations future faster

Course Venue & Date: Galway Clinic Thursday 24th and Friday 25th October 9.30 am to 5pm

13 NGH CEUs available with this workshop

This unique workshop crosses the boundaries between business and hypnosis enabling you to generate a different perspective on how to communicate at a higher level with colleagues and customers. You will learn how to:

  • Use your subconscious mind to connect powerfully with others.
  • Build rapport rapidly
  • Lead conversations with authority
  • Deal with stressful behaviour and eliminate conflict
  • Identify damaging internal dialogue and how to change it
  • Avoid pitfalls in communication that can negatively affect your influence
  • Access a tool-kit of techniques that form a framework for seamless change.
  • Recognise personal and collective mental challenges
  • Use one simple word to move virtually any individual away from the point of resistance to consideration of your view point.
  • Use visualisation effectively to promote ongoing success

Who Should Attend: This course is designed for managers who have responsibility for executing change in organisation, for executives, or indeed any individual who wishes to improve their communication skills.
Format: The program will be highly interactive with break-outs for discussion and exercises built into the workshop.
Time Frame: 2 Days
Group size: To ensure the maximum benefit can be realised by participants, the group is limited to 12 people
Follow-up: It is possible to organise follow-up consultancy to assist with the implementation of the tools and techniques presented in the programme. In house programmes are also available.