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Weight Loss

Would you like the help of a sport psychologist to set attainable and sustainable weight loss targets?  Hypnosis can help to keep you focused, decrease cravings so that it is easier to say ‘no’ to junk foods and all around make weight loss very easy. Most people notice a positive improvement even after the first session.

This has been one of the most positive experiences of my life. I am so grateful to Niamh for her help and continuous support.

BernieCo. Kerry

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Lose Weight

Consultations €120 per session or €600 for six consultations if paid in full in advance as of 15 August 2017

Smoking Cessation

Once you have made the decision to quit smoking hypnosis can make it a much easier process. Most people find that they have no cravings and find it much easier to stay on track.

I was a pretty heavy smoker, I was so addicted to the cigs, I smoked my first and last cigarette while still in my bed. I just could not be without them! I had tried the patches and the gum but failed within the first two days. My dad recommended me to try hypnosis with Niamh Flynn so i did! And I can now say its been over four and half months, and I am a happy nonsmoker, giving them up was so easy and pain free. And it gets easier every day!

KeithCo. Galway

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Smoking Cessation

Consultation price €250

Business Goals

Problems with creativity? Having issues with achieving your business goals? Whether you suffering a temporary block or having ongoing problems reaching targets hypnosis can help release those blocks and help put plans into action. 

I was skeptical at first but the process has really helped me clarify my goals & most importantly given me the confidence to move forward and be proactive about achieving them. Thanks so much Niamh, I will certainly recommend you to friends and family.

JohnCo. Galway

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Achieve your business goals

Consultations: For options see Our Personal Business Coaching Page on this website.

Anxiety Issues

Anxiety can manifest in many ways: Panic Attacks, Bruxism, Migraines, Irritable Bowel Syndrome…. the list is long. Hypnosis can be highly effective in dealing with these issues. We use advanced age regression techniques to ensure you can release that anxiety in the minimum amount of sessions. Typically panic attacks, for example, can be resolved in just four sessions.

Please note: Consultation 1 and 2 are back to back on day 1.

Occasionally additional sessions are required. The fee for each additional session is €120.

Dear Niamh, What can I say only you are amazing. Thank you so much for your help with my anxiety. I am a lot more confident in crowds and shops etc.

PhilCo. Mayo

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Anxiety issues

1st Consultation: €150
2nd Consultation: €100
3rd Consultation: €120
4th Consultation €120

(from 15 August 2017)


Exam Stress can be devastating. Hypnosis can help calm the mind, improve focus and reduce exam stress. Like most hypnosis sessions, a positive improvement is usually evident even after the first session. Number of sessions will vary according to client’s needs.

Thanks Niamh, you’ve been a big help in getting me through my exams. I wasn’t looking forward to coming back in the summer for repeats but now there’s no need 🙂 All passed!

MichaelCo. Sligo

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Young Student overwhelmed with studying with piles of books in front of him

Consultations €120 per session
or €600 if paid in full in advance for course of six consultations
from 15 August 2017

Whip Lash and Chronic Pain

With whip lash and chronic pain it’s normal to integrate psychological intervention with your physiotherapy treatment. Pain has a psychological component. When people remark ‘it is all in your head’ this is not too far removed from the truth. The brain is the primary area where pain is interpreted. Sometimes the pain signals are reflective of tissue damage but increasingly we are becoming aware that the intensity and chronicity of the pain experienced is not always indicataive of damage to tissues. Hypnosis has successfully been used to decrease pain intensity, inspire a more positive mindset and decrease the disability associated with pain.

*Specialised short term packages available to decrease anxiety. Fee: Please enquire.

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Whip Lash and Chronic Pain Consultations


Clinical trials have shown that hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Your consultations here at The Galway Clinic will involve 8 to 12 consultations over three to four months, following recommended protocol for the Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Over this time period you will learn the required skills designed to address relevant lifestyle and psychological factors.    A study undertaken by Whorell, Prior and Faragher  (1984) at Manchester University found that hypnosis has the capacity to influence gastrointestinal function. Examples of changes cited in the study included strengthening of contractions in the distal colon, influencing gastric emptying, alteration of gastric acid secretion and gastro colonic response to food, reduction of abdominal pain and digestive symptoms. In summary, gut directed hypnotherapy enabled patients to improve their bowel habit. Study results have indicated  that up to 70% of patients report maintained  improvements up to five years on.

1st Consultation 160 euro
Subsequent Consultations 120 euro

as of 12 June 2018

Package: 8 Consultations paid in full in advance: 850 euro

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Hypnotherapy Consultations to help with irritable bowel syndrome


If you are having difficulty conceiving hypnotherapy may be able to help. There are several areas we focus upon during the sessions including reducing stress, identifiying and eliminating underlying fears and anxieties and building a positive relaxed mind set.

1st Consultation 150 euro
2nd Consultation: 100 euro
3rd Consultation: 120 euro
4th Consultation: 120 euro

from 15 August 2017

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Hypnotherapy Consultations to help with Fertility


While no one fully understands what causes migraine there are many factors associated with migraine which can be helped with hypnotherapy. In fact, hypnosis is clinically proven to be a highly effective treatment for migraine. I have spent many years researching this area and have achieved excellent results. During your consultation we will cover crucial components connected with your migraines to enable you to manage your migraines more effectively. Generally, six consultations are recommended.

1st Consultation: 160 euro
Subsequent consultations: 120 euro

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Hypnotherapy Consultations to help with Migraines

Public Speaking

Do you have a forthcoming presentation, best man’s speech or an opportunity to speak in public? Hypnosis sessions for public speaking are directed towards increasing your confidence, decreasing any fears or anxieties you may have about the task and positive suggestions to enable you to deliver your presentation or talk with authority.

1st Consultation 150 euro
2nd Consultation: 100 euro
3rd Consultation: 120 euro
4th Consultation: 120 euro

Please note 1st and 2nd consultations are back to back on day 1 including age regression.

Option 2:

Six Single Consultations paid in full in advance where age regression is not required. €600 paid in full in advance.

from 15 August 2017

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Hypnotherapy Consultations to help with Public Speaking

Sport Psychology

Achieve your sporting goals with a professional Sport Psychology Consultation today. Whether the issue is burnout, achieving consistency in your performance or dealing with anxiety we have years of experience in assisting professional and amateur athletes in achieving their goals.

I found Niamh to be a great help. I was lacking in confidence in my sport but after a few sessions with her I was right on track. I would definitely recommend Sport Psychology to anybody who feels they could do with some help.

SheilaCo. Limerick

Niamh I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Since visting you in your office I felt a huge difference in my game and in other areas of my life. I felt a huge pressure lifted off me. Thank you sincerely. It actually changed my life.

AnnmarieCo. Galway
Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a session last?

Consultations last approximately 40 minutes in duration but please allow up to an hour. Fees are set amount irrespective of whether a consulations runs over time on the day.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. In order to accommodate clients and to be respectful of client time and therapist time a cancellation policy is in place.

Less than 48 hours notice for appointment change of time or cancellation: 100 euro

48 hours or more notice for appointment change of time or cancellation: No charge

Please note: Cancellation or change of appointment time must be in text or email format at least 48 hours prior to appointment.

Will I be able to hear what is said during a hypnosis session?

Yes. You will hear everything that is said. It may at times feel like you are daydreaming but rest assured you are completely in control and can open your eyes at any time.

Is hypnosis only for people who are gullible?

Absolutely not. In fact those who go in to trance easily tend to have an exceptional ability to narrow their attention.  It is a sign of good ability to focus when people go in to trance.

Will I reveal all my secrets in hypnosis?

No. You are in complete control throughout the sessions. You will hear everything and you will be aware of everything that you choose to speak about.

How about stage shows when people are looking for leprechauns and the like?

Stage hypnosis is designed for entertainment and as such individuals who go on stage are usually very aware that the show is for entertainment and thus the suggestions are oriented for entertainment purposes. In an individual consultation one on one in our office you will only ever be given suggestions which are relevant to the challenges which you are there to address.

Are consultations confidential?

Yes. Absolutely. We understand and respect your need for privacy and all consultations are private and confidential.

Where are you located?

If you are traveling from Dublin we are located just off the M50 motorway. Turn left taking the exit from the M50 and drive to the first roundabout – the Martin roundabout. It is the immediate first left at that roundabout.

From Oranmore, Galway: Travel in the direction of Galway city along the dual carriage way, passing Cisco on your left hand side. When you reach the end of the dual carriageway you come to the Martin roundabout. It is the third exit at that roundabout.

The office is based in the private hospital, a large glass building in Doughiska, Galway. We are on the second floor. When you enter the foyer of the hospital you will see a grand piano in front of you with lifts beside the piano. Take the lift to the second floor. On exiting the lift turn right and walk through the double doors. We are located in the first room on your right hand side. Suite 29.

Suite 29, Floor 2

The Galway Clinic



Is there parking at the hospital?

Yes. There is a large multi story car park at the hospital.

Why Us?

We respect your need for discretion and respect for our clients is a priority.

Your confidentiality is assured.

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Hypnotherapy Consultations

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