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Have you ever wondered what happens in the world of hypnotism? Or how hypnotism can help with different issues. Have a look at our exciting day on November 7th 2015 at The Galway Clinic with six great speakers lined up to enlighten and entertain! A few images from the day below. Sincere thanks to all who attended.

Bodywatch Seminar 2015
Bodywatch Seminar 2015
Bodywatch Seminar 2015
The focus of the event is what hypnosis can help with rather than a step by step guide about the processes by which hypnosis works. So, speakers will explain how hypnosis is applied in various environments and the various changes which have been implicated as a result of hypnotic interventions.

10.30 am – Registration
11 am – Introduction
11.10 am – Niamh Flynn | Migraines and the Mind
11.45 am – Avril Hoffler | Psychological Applications for Hypnosis in Business
12.20 – Jim Fogarty | Hypnotherapy and Healing

1-2pm Lunch Break

2 pm – Cormac Mac Conville | W.B. Yeats and the use of Hypnosis in his writing
2.35 pm – Andrea Hayes | Can Your Brain Heal Your Pain
3.10 pm –  Seamus Mahon | Rapid Hypnosis
3.45 pm –  Niamh Flynn | Experience a Relaxing Hypnosis Session
4 pm – Finish

Andrea Hayes

Andrea Hayes

Can your Brain Heal your Pain? | Andrea Hayes

This talk will examine the language of pain and how to change it. It will look at the power of your daily thoughts, auto suggestions and self-talk when living with a chronic illness. You will discover a practical application of hypnosis for pain management. If you want to find out more about using self-hypnosis for pain reduction this is the talk for you. You will also find out why planning time out to listen to your relaxation hypnosis as part of a multi disciplinary pain management program will be to your advantage.

Andrea is a former TV3 presenter, a Radio Presenter and knows a lot about chronic pain, being someone who experienced it on a daily basis. Andrea’s positive and optimistic outlook combined with her tenacious pursuit of a solution for chronic pain have led her along a very interesting path which she will share with you on the day. Andrea’s down to earth approach and open mind led her to discover hypnosis, among other things to help her with the pain day to day. She is a qualified hypnotherapist too. Her book on Chronic Pain will be published later this year so if you suffer with chronic pain this book is a must!

Are Migraines all in your Mind? | Niamh Flynn

If you suffer with migraines and if you have exhausted all other treatment options or if you are simply tired of taking medications then this talk could change your life. You will learn how hypnosis has been scientifically proven to be more effective than medications in treating migraine and how you can take back control over your migraines. Sick and tired of having to turn down events and social occasions because of your migraines? Fed up with spending hours, or even days, in bed each month because of migraines? Learn how hypnosis can help in a way that is natural, easy and effective. Most importantly perhaps it can free you up to do all the things you want to do in life without the impending threat of migraine.

As a sport psychologist and hypnotherapist one of my great passions in life is uncovering the thoughts and behaviours which hold athletes back from achieving consistently great performances and helping them reach their goals with a combination of creative thinking, psychological strategies and advanced hypnotherapy techniques. I have also specialized in the area of hypnosis for migraines. For my PhD I conducted a randomized controlled trial (RCT) for migraine sufferers using hypnosis. It yielded great results. A 60% drop in pain catastrophizing and a 48% drop in headache disability in just ten weeks. In 2014 I was invited to Boston to the National Guild of Hypnotists Conference where thousands of delegates converge on an annual basis to advance their learning about hypnosis and I am delighted to share that talk here in Ireland in 2015. If you are interested in becoming a qualified hypnotherapist I would be delighted to speak with you on the day about the internationally recognized NGH qualification I run here at The Galway Clinic. Come and speak with me on the day, Tel: 091 720145 or see our dedicated page here on the website.

Niamh Flynn

Niamh Flynn


Psychological applications for hypnosis in business | Avril Hoffler

Are you in business or thinking of starting your own business? As you are aware communication is crucial to building a successful business Avril’s dynamic talk will cover:

• Hypnosis v Psychological/executive Coaching. Similarities and differences.

• Hypnosis and creativity.

• Hypnosis for public speaking/confidence.

• Hypnosis for performance enhancement.

• Hypnosis and change management.

Avril Hoffler

MSc. Occ. Psy., BSc. C.H. Reg. Psychol. Ps. S. I.

Avril Hoffler is a registered work & organisational psychologist.  She received her BSc. (hons) in Psychology from the Open University, followed by a MSc. in Occupational Psychology from the University of Leicester (2005).  She worked in the field of Community Development for over fifteen years, and conducted research to establish the role played by thinking styles on participation in training. She accepted an invitation to serve as a committee member on the Coaching Psychology Group, Psychological Society of Ireland, before being seconded to the International Fund for Ireland where she managed Peace & Reconciliation programmes in Northern Ireland.  In more recent times, she qualified as a hypnotherapist, having personally experienced the incredible benefits of this ancient medium, and currently operates her own practice, enabling and empowering others to make desired changes in their lives.

Cormac MacConville

Cormac MacConville

BA H.Dip. C.H.

W.B. Yeats and the use of Hypnosis in his writing | Cormac MacConville

For many years hypnotic and mental phenomena were not fully understood and often a supernatural explanation was offered. At the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century a movement known as Spiritualism employed a variety of hypnotic techniques in its search of understanding and mystical knowledge. In some cases these tools were used by cynical charlatans but often they were used by earnest people who believed that they were in communion with the supernatural. Two such individuals were the poet W.B.Yeats and his wife George Hyde-Lees who used automatic writing techniques as inspiration for some of Yeats’ later works. This talk will give illustrate how this couple used some of these techniques inspire some of his finest poetry and to develop what appeared at the outset to be doomed relationship. There will also be a short demonstration and examples some possible applications for any aspiring writers in the audience.

I first considered learning to be a hypnotist when a saw its effectiveness in dealing with chronic pain but I have always been fascinated by it. As I began my training with Niamh I began to see more and more applications as well as methods for allowing people to live fuller lives. I practice in Galway and Sligo and treat a variety of issues as well as offering workshops, group sessions and classes.  For this talk I have married my fascination of hypnosis with my love of literature and history in a way which I hope is informative and entertaining; and which will illustrate how diverse and unexpected the applications of hypnosis can be.

Cormac Mac Conville began training to be hypnotist when he saw its effectiveness in dealing with chronic pain. Through his training with Niamh Flynn he began to see more and more applications as well as methods for allowing people to live fuller lives. He currently practices in Galway and Sligo and treats a variety of issues as well as offering workshops, group sessions and classes. This talk was inspired by his fascination with hypnosis and a love of literature and history. In which he hopes is an informative and entertaining presentation the goal is to illustrate how diverse and unexpected the applications of hypnosis can be.

Hypnotherapy and Healing | Jim Fogarty

The connection between the Mind Body and Spirit will be explored. It is acknowledged that much of our current ill health is as a result of psychosomatic and related influences. These influences impact adversely on our emotional well being and negatively manifest in our physical bodies, organs etc.  In the 21 Century there is much reference and rightly so to a holistic approach to health and well being and there is close reference to The Mind-Body-Spirit connection. Jim will discuss the positive influence that hypnosis can have in achieving a balanced life or outcome to the various challenges that we experience in our busy lives, whether they be fears, phobias, psychosomatic or chronic illnesses. He will also give insight to some of his experiences in practice with his clients.

A chartered engineer in professional practice in industry as a  consulting engineer. Jim has worked and travelled in Europe and the middle east. Additionally he has held positions in third level education, committees, and as external examiner to third level institutes. From an early stage Jim has had a passion for animals particularly horses. A qualified coach for equestrian sports, he undertook specialist studies and training in Europe and America, developing a non violent approach to re rehabilitating problem or dangerous horses. Jim runs training courses for owners and handlers at his facilities in kildare. Other qualifications include CH.NGH. Dip.Cl Hyp.NLP.Master Practitioner, Dip Past life regression Therapy.Healing. REIKI.Master, Adv Quantum Healing, BioEnergy

Healing, Adv IET Healing, Adv Crystal Healing, Applied and  Animal energy healing. Jim practices and combines as appropriate all of the above modalities at his practice in Kildare and Dublin, and can be contacted on 0868380948 for appointment.  Additionally Jim runs many specialist training courses in most of the above subjects and will be happy to advise and or assist interested parties or clients.

Jim Fogharty

Jim Fogharty

C.Eng.FCIE.MCinstArb/Accd med.Reg Cons Eng.

Seamus Mahon

Seamus Mahon

Mentalist and Street Hypnotist

Instant Hypnosis. How Quickly Can You Be Hypnotized? | Seamus Mahon

If you have been fascinated by stage hypnosis this talk will be of great interest to you.  Some hypnotists don’t really believe that they are capable or have the confidence to test if their clients are hypnotised or not. Street hypnosis strategies are very good at quickly letting people experience what hypnosis is like, and taking the fear out of hypnosis. No hypnotist wants to spend twenty minutes hypnotizing someone only to discover that they were too frightened to go into hypnosis. Doing a few rapid inductions will take that fear away. Have fun and see how quickly hypnotists can create massive change in your life. Seamus will give an insight in to his two day course which shows you how you too can learn street hypnosis, even if you are not already a hypnotherapist.

I got interested in hypnosis after attending a stage hypnosis show in 1978. I listened as after the show the hypnotist said that anyone could become a hypnotist, he mentioned a book on the subject, which I got , then over the years I attended various courses, some very good but also some not so good. After a long time I decided to get certified, after considering different courses, and talking to Niamh, I chose Niamh’s course,and I am delighted I did. After becoming certified it enabled me to continue to study and then I became a master hypnotherapist, a master practitioner of both nlp, and timeline therapy. I am also a mentalist, which is a subject I am very interested in. I am very passionate about hypnotism and the fact that anyone can become a hypnotist. All you need is common sense and to be opened minded.

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