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Migraine Clinics

Suite 29 Floor 2 @ The Galway Clinic

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The Migraine Clinic @ The Galway Clinic

We currently offer one on one consultations at The Galway Clinic. Approximately six consultations are  advised. A referral letter from your GP or Neurologist is necessary before an appointment can be made.

Location:Suite 29 Floor 2 The Galway Clinic, Doughiska, Galway

Clinic Days: Monday 10am to 12 noon. Tuesday 10am to 8pm. Wednesday to Friday 10am to 6pm

Cost: 160 euro for the first consultation. 120 euro for subsequent consultations.  Your consultations include  a FREE Migraine Support Pack of Hypnosis Audio CDs

To make an appointment: Tel: 091 720145

Migraine Clinic FAQs

What Happens at The Migraine Clinic?

It is a hypnotherapy based programme which has been clinically trialled and proven to be successful in reducing headache disablity by 48% and reducing pain catastrophizing by 60% in just ten weeks.  You will need to send a referral letter from your GP or Neurologist by post to Niamh Flynn, Suite 29, The Galway Clinic, Doughiska, Galway or by fax at 091 720146 and then call us on 091 720145 to make an appointment. It is advised to attend six consultations, that is, once a week for six weeks.

How do the migraine clinics work?

The migraine clinic is a hypnotherapy based programme. Further to a clinical trial which found that migraine sufferers headache disability was reduced by 48% and pain catastrophizing was reduced by 60% the clinic is a means to make the programme accessible to a greater audience. On receipt of a letter from your GP or neurologist stating you have a diagnosis of migraine an initial consultation will be arranged with Niamh Flynn at The Galway Clinic. Each consultation is approximately one hour in duration.

What do I need to do in order to book an appointment?

Before enrolling you will need to fax a letter from your GP or Neurologist to 091 720146 stating that you have a diagnosis of migraine. Alternatively please send it by post to Niamh Flynn, Suite 29, The Galway Clinic, Doughiska, Galway

Who is running The Migraine Clinic?

Niamh Flynn who is based in suite 29 at The Galway Clinic. The clinics are based on her PhD research which investigated hypnosis for migraines via an online platform. The results showed a 48% drop in headache disability and a 60% drop in pain catastrophizing (negative thinking) in just ten weeks.


What do I do in order to attend The Migraine Clinic?

  1. Fax a letter from your GP or Neurologist to Niamh on 091 720146 stating that you have a diagnosis of migraine
  2. You will be notified once the letter has been reviewed. You will be contacted and an appointment will be arranged for you then.

What does The Migraine Programme cost?

It is 160 euro for the first consultation and 120 euro for subsequent consultations. This includes custom recordings for you to bring home and listen to in the comfort of your own home.

What do I need to bring to The Migraine Clinic?

Wear warm comfortable clothes. During the hypnosis session the body temperature can drop so it is important to make sure you stay nice and warm.

Hypnosis FAQs

What is Hypnosis?

It is a heightened state of awareness where the mind is particularly susceptible to suggestions. We go in and out of trance every day. It is a natural state. For example have you ever been driving a long journey and if you have passed through lots of small towns along the way but can’t remember you were in a state of trance.  Or do you recall the words of song even though you have not consciously been learning those words? Through listening in a state of trance while our focus is on something else and through repeated listening we can remember those lyrics. They are stored at subconscious level.

Am I asleep during hypnosis?

No. You are not asleep. In trance you hear everything. You will remember everything afterwards as well

What does it feel like to be hypnotized?

That depends. In a therapeutic situation you will hear everything but your body usually feels very relaxed. Some people find that their legs and arms feel very heavy. Others report tingling in their hands and face and very occasionally some people can feel as though they are floating out of their body. Very unusual but it does happen sometimes. Other indications which people might notice are their eyelids start to flutter.

Can everyone be hypnotized?

Yes, everyone who wants to be hypnotized can be hypnotized.

Is hypnosis dangerous?

Hypnosis is very safe. We naturally go in and out of trance every day. Most of the time it is a very relaxing state.

Is there proof that hypnosis works?

Yes. There is a considerable body of research that proves hypnosis is highly effective. A lot of this research is in the area of chronic and acute pain. There are no negative side effects and it is very effective in altering thought processes for example someone who wants to lose weight and who wants to give up chocolate and start exercising will usually find that even after the first session they have no interest in the chocolate and they are begin to enjoy exercise.

Is hypnosis like a placebo?

No. Hypnosis works differently to a placebo. One study which compared a placebo analgesia with hypnotic analgesia found that the two work on different pathways in the brain. When the analgesia was induced by both methods the participants in the study were then given naloxone (an opiate antagnoist) which was expected to reverse the pain relief but for those using hypnotic analgesia there was no reversal of the pain relief – in other words, unlike those who had the placebo started to feel pain again but those with hypnotic analgesia did not feel that pain. The pain relief was not reversed.

Placebo pain relief works on an opioid system but endorphins are not involved in hypnotic analgesia.

Will I say something I don’t want to say?

No. You will not reveal any secrets during hypnosis. In suggestion work with hypnosis the person being hypnotized does not have to say anything. They just need to focus initially on what the hypnotherapist is saying and for example if the hypnotherapist asks you to imagine walking through a woodland on a crisp autumn day you just picture that in your mind. Usually after a while you will drift away and although you are aware the hypnotherapist is speaking you can choose not to listen consciously. Your subconscious mind will hear everything however.

Will I do something that I don’t want to do?

No. You will only ever accept suggestions that you want. The migraine group course has been clinically trialled and has been proven to reduce headache disability by 48% and to reduce pain catastrophizing by 60%.

Why is hypnosis more effective than other therapies?

Hypnosis works with the Sub-Consious mind.  This is the part of the mind that controls our automatic response to situations and the automatic physiological processes in our body for example breathing. We don’t  have to remind ourselves to breathe. Psychologically once we learn a certain pattern of behaviour and repeat it over and over it can become automatic e.g. when we see the traffic lights turn red our automatic response is to stop the car. We don’t need to think ‘what does that colour mean?’ Some of these patterns are positive and helpful and sometimes they are not so helpful.

If you think about an iceberg. Only the tip of the iceberg is in sight over the water and what will likely cause most damage is under the water. Most of our responses are below consciousness  – a bit like the iceberg. We are not consciously aware of why we respond or react. Many traditional therapies work with the conscious mind which is the part above water, the smaller part but the real power lies below the surface and hypnosis works directly with this part of the mind, the subconscious.

Some people are afraid of hypnosis. Why?

Usually fear is the result of lack of knowledge about any situation. Once you understand what hypnosis is about and that you are completely in control of the state of hypnosis and the suggestions you can realise there is nothing to fear. You will only accept suggestions you would like to accept.

If I am hypnotized easily does that mean I am gullible?

Not at all. The opposite in fact. People who have a good ability to focus tend to respond very well to hypnosis.

Why Us?

We respect your need for discretion and respect for our clients is a priority.

Your confidentiality is assured.

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