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‘Supporting High Performance in Personal and Business environments’

It is a unique combination of MBA training, psychological strategies and hypnotherapy.

This allows a comprehensive analysis of current issues, providing strategic interventions while challenging current thinking. It supports thinking at a subconscious level that provides greater clarity.

Niamh Flynn


I have a Masters in Sports Medicine (MMEDSCI) from the University of Sheffield, a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Michael Smurfit Business School UCD, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA), a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (DHP) and I am a Certified Instructor (CI) with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).

I have worked with high performance athletes and that experience has taught me the benefits of providing individuals access to the psychological tools to master their own destinies in achieving their determined goals.

I continue to assist clients/ Individuals in understanding the power of their subconscious mind. I then work with them to systematically set and achieve their goals and constantly exceed their targets.

It has been a privilege to address groups across a variety of business sectors including:

I support individuals working within a team environment to have the confidence and poise to speak with ease and clarity to support their ideas. As part of the team dynamic I help to provide clarity for individuals to develop their role within a team environment that equally supports the optimal performance of the team.

When management is comfortable with change and when there are open lines of communication across all levels it is easier for everyone to come on board with change. Those who are unwilling to change irrespective of how change is managed may be lacking in confidence that they can do the work that is being requested of them or they can feel unappreciated. This is a common road block which organizations struggle to manage.

These are psychological concepts which our powerful coaching programme can assist with quickly and efficiently. This is where it is critical for Senior Management to monitor how change is being accomplished and how it is being accepted or rejected from the top level of management down. The Bodywatch coaching Programme is a particularly powerful intervention at individual level to support greater clarity.

Benefits of Bodywatch Business Coaching Specifically Programming the Subconscious Mind

For Employees and Employers…

      • To alter thinking quickly by examining motivating factors
      • To encourage a group think which sees change as a positive concept
      • Intense Focus on areas which are a priority
      • Focus more easily by calming the mind. When we slow down we think more efficiently. The specific formula which the Bodywatch Business Coaching employs allows the brain to slow down and to think strategically, to respond rather than react and to think of the long term as well as short term consequences
      • Subconscious Coaching helps a person create the behaviours that lead to the goals they set for themselves
      • Often, your conscious mind becomes the bottleneck towards achieving true change, as its primary motivation is getting you through the day in the present
      • Making changes that can lead to your success requires challenge and changes to your beliefs about yourself, the world, and those around you
      • It supports in delivering real changes in your habits, preferences and behaviours
      • The Bodywatch Subconscious Coaching Programme supports the individual change process with as little interference from your conscious mind as possible
      • It enables access to the powerful processing capability of your unconscious mind without conscious interference

Some of the Tools involved in the Bodywatch Business Coaching Programme:

      • Support all levels of the organization from floor to senior management
      • SWOT analysis
      • Building Confidence with the support psychological interventions
      • Reviewing the language patterns being used by management and the images on any presentations being distributed
      • Reducing change pattern fears by providing greater clarity with the support of subconscious coaching
      • Provide a safe environment for a client to express and challenge themselves to grow
      • Support change without the interference of the conscious mind
      • Supports personal congruence

Have you…

      • Difficult business decisions to make?
      • Challenging negotiations ahead?
      • A desire to maximise the success of your business meetings?
      • An interest in learning powerful persuasive techniques
      •  A desire to focus on generating opportunities to maximise wealth?
      • Ambition to stay ahead?

How are we different?

      • We help you programme your mind at subconscious level.
      • We use a unique mix of MBA strategy, psychology, advanced hypnotherapy tools
      • Fast results
      • Continual ongoing support
      • Intelligent goal setting
      • 20 years experience of working with senior level management
      • Solution Focused Consultations

Do you have an interest in Learning

      • Advanced communication skills
      • How to destroy resistance
      • Build rapport
      • Why people have difficulty making decisions and how you can powerfully influence their decision

Platinum Level Executive Business Coaching: Change Your Thinking Change Your Results

Business Acceleration Hypno-Coaching Programme from Bodywatch Ltd. This monthly programme is designed for CEOs, executive directors and senior managers and has limited availability.

This is an executive programme which can be conducted inhouse or at Suite 29 in the prestigious private hospital, The Galway Clinic. Places are Strictly Limited. Please call Niamh at 091 720145 to enquire.

Are you are a CEO, an Executive Director or a Senior Manager who would like to see your business goals happen quickly and easily? Change your thinking and see how your business moves to the next level.

The business management programme at Bodywatch Ltd. will give you the tools make this happen. The executive programme using a unique mix of  psychology, MBA training and advanced hypnotherapy tools can be conducted in-house or at Suite 29 in the prestigious private hospital, The Galway Clinic.   Trial us for an initial 1 to 3 months and we guarantee you will be happy with the results.

Who exactly is it for?

Entrepreneurs and senior executives who want to maintain focus in order to maximise opportunities to generate considerable wealth.

The programme helps senior executives to execute strategic goals with ease and efficiency by:

  • Clearing mental blocks
  • Learning persuasive language
  • Dealing calmly with stressful situations.
  • Implementing strategic plans with confidence
  • Improving Communication Skills
  • Building Public Speaking Confidence

What The Programme Entails: 

This programme is personalised to your specific business. Niamh Flynn has an MBA from Smurfit Business School and has years of experience working with CEOs of major corporations, Managing Directors of small to medium enterprises and Senior Managers across a wide spectrum of industries. She will first listen to what you want to achieve over a three, six or twelve month period and then work with you to focus your mind on achieving these goals. 

The process will involve ninety minutes, twice a week,  over an initial three, six or twelve month period. Any number of communication strategies and advanced hypnotic techniques will be utilised. In the past some of the focus has been directed towards

  • Uncovering limiting beliefs that are holding the individual back
  • Eliminating those negative belief patterns
  • Programming the subconscious mind to see opportunities and having the confidence to capitalize on them
  • Instilling positive affirming thoughts
  • Increasing confidence
  • and lots more…


Venue: Suite 29 Floor 2, The Galway Clinic: 2,000 euro per month.

Venue: In-house: *2,500 euro per month plus travel expenses.

*For organisations outside of Galway both weekly consultations will be scheduled for the same working day.

Entry Level Personal Business Coaching Package: Empower and Achieve

Eliminate Negative Belief Systems that are holding you back. This programme is available at The Galway Clinic only. For in-house programmes see our Platinum Business Programme above. Your Personal Business Coaching consultation will involve:

      • Uncovering limiting beliefs that are holding you back
      • Eliminating those negative belief patterns
      • Programming your subconscious mind to see opportunities and have the confidence to capitalize on them
      • Instilling positive affirming thoughts
      • Increasing confidence

Including 1 two hour session & 2 one hour sessions.

or 4 one hour sessions

Investment: 550 euro 

Additional consultations as required: 120 euro per consultation

Kasha Kola Image Magazine business woman of the year.

Kasha Kola | Image Magazine Business Woman of the Year

I started working with Niamh after coming across an interview with her in Tatler Magazine. Her business acceleration programme has had a strong, positive impact on all areas of my business, from strong self-confidence in dealing with clients, better stress management in facing challenging situations to increased morale and loyalty from my own staff.

My motivation has given me confidence to take a chance at new business opportunities and Niamh was able to work through any limiting behaviour and habits stopping me from achieving business and personal goals. Niamh is a very devoted coach and therapist, she always did her best to help and overcome anything that I felt was holding me back. I felt encouraged and empowered both in business and personal life.

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We respect your need for discretion and respect for our clients is a priority.

Your confidentiality is assured.

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