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Feedback from Client working on Confidence May 2017

I started working with Niamh following a recommendation from a work colleague. I had been working with Niamh for 4 weeks when my work contract finished unexpectedly.  I now know had I not been working with Niamh prior to this happening I would not have been so strong following this difficult time.  I would have blamed myself that maybe I was at fault. Niamh has given me the confidence and belief in myself to face these curve balls that are all part and parcel of life.  I am very grateful to Niamh that I can now look at what happened as a very real learning experience and I am feeling empowered and quietly confident that all will be well in my world.
Mile Buiochas


Feedback from Sport Psychology Talk February 2017

We all stayed on for a bite to eat last night and everyone was buzzing from your talk. My two boys came home and they were getting their dad to try the exercises and knocked the ear off him with chat about it.  And one of my boys Daithi is a very poor sleeper since a traumatic accident 3 years ago and he slept like a log after the relaxation session.  Everyone loved it and it will be something we will carry with us for a  long time. Thank you so much.

Trish Frost

Kasha Kola Image Magazine business woman of the year.

Kasha Kola | Image Magazine Business Woman of the Year

I started working with Niamh after coming across an interview with her in Tatler Magazine. Her business acceleration programme has had a strong, positive impact on all areas of my business, from strong self-confidence in dealing with clients, better stress management in facing challenging situations to increased morale and loyalty from my own staff.

My motivation has given me confidence to take a chance at new business opportunities and Niamh was able to work through any limiting behaviour and habits stopping me from achieving business and personal goals. Niamh is a very devoted coach and therapist, she always did her best to help and overcome anything that I felt was holding me back. I felt encouraged and empowered both in business and personal life.

Nigel Carolan Testimonial



Based on in-depth assessments, Niamh devised individual specific mental skills programs for our Academy players based on their physical, technical, tactical and psychological profiles which she monitors and modifies regularly. The intervention that she provides gives the players that extra edge that they need to consistently perform to their best.



Niamh made a very valuable contribution to our set-up in the fields of sport psychology and fitness assessment. We enjoyed a particularly successful year in 2000 and many of her ideas were put into practice. We won the league title and we won every game played bar one when we lost out to the eventual winners of the All Ireland Championship in the semi-finals.

I am extremely satisfied. I am off the cigarettes after 40 years of smoking. Niamh was so professional and I will be recommending the session to friends.

John, Co. MayoSmoking Cessation

Hypnosis cut out the snacking. I have no desire anymore to reach for crisps or sweets when I am at the counter. That was a big help to me.

Elisha, Co. GalwayWeight Loss

Niamh is wonderfully calm, empathic and professional.I really looked forward to my sessions and felt my confidence hugely boosted afterwards. The cds are great to bring me straight back to feeling relaxed and calm.

Sara, Co. GalwayBruxism

Niamh, I would like to say thank you for all your help. In just a few sessions with you my problem with panic attacks, which was starting to take over my life bit by bit was cured. I can now go anywhere without having to worry about fainting.

Mel, Co. GalwayPanic Attacks

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